Exhibitions and
curatorial projects

Part of the cultural mission of Rieder is to support designers, artists, and architects in their creative work. It inspires us when designers and artists work together with us and our material, fibreC glassfibre reinforced concrete. Through the creative input and the solutions we develop together with architects and artists, our facade product is optimized as well.

Together for better architecture.

Close contact with artists, architects, and designers characterizes the company culture at Rieder. Beautiful, discursive things stand for depth, identity, and meaning. That is how we see the relationship between Rieder glassfibre reinforced concrete and the things that are created with it. The promotion of young talents in the architectural scene, such as the students of architecture colleges, such as the TU Vienna, the AA School in London, the Harvard GSD, or the cooperation with established artists, such as Kurt Hofstetter, Franz West, Peter Sandbichler, or Kram Weisshaar, is not merely part of the corporate strategy.

The continuous further development of glassfibre reinforced concrete as well as the expertise transfer between designers and the company helps Rieder to position glassfibre reinforced concrete not only as a classic facade, but above all to highlight the design character of the material.

This commitment reflects the relationship that Rieder, as an international business, is building with all cultural and design projects: Artists contribute their creativity, flexibility, and their at times abstract, analytical thinking to the development department of the company. In return, Rieder allows the artists to let their imagination run free.

Sculptural concrete

With sculptural concrete, Rieder opens up new paths towards three-dimensional facade design. The individual design was developed by the Swiss architectural office, L3P, and presented for the first time at Swissbau 2010 in Basel. In a special manufacturing process, elevations or depressions of the otherwise flat facade panel are feasible in many forms, opening up great freedom for design for architects and planners.

The Rieder Group operates internationally and offers customers a large network. With 3 locations, as well as sales partners in over 50 countries, the innovative concrete products are used worldwide.

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