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From 4th to 5th of May, the event "Architecture Matters: Second City. On the New in the Old" will take place at Tucherpark and Künstlerhaus in Munich.

The international conference on the future of architecture and the city brings together key players from architecture, the real estate industry and politics. The conference features numerous talks, discussions and workshops for participants to exchange ideas and share their visions. Among the issues addressed are: How do we think about and design the life cycle of buildings? What does it mean for the construction and real estate industry when new constructions are the exception and no longer the rule? How can the circular concept be implemented on a large scale in construction?

Wolfgang Rieder will also be a speaker at the conference and talk about the following topics: What is the concrete industry doing to reduce CO2-emissions? How will Rieder become climate-positive? How does CO2-free concrete work?

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