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Concrete without cement, is that possible? Yes, Wolfgang Rieder firmly believes, and he has sent the company on a journey with "climate positive by 2030" as its destination

With the goal of safeguarding the future of the company and of ensuring the preservation of the world for future generations, the facade specialist takes comprehensive steps to accelerate the greening of the company. By 2025, Rieder aims to achieve climate neutrality and be CO2-neutral in its operation and production. Rieder developed a cement-reduced concrete matrix, which eventually will become cement-free.

The glassfibre reinforced concrete material fibreC 3.0 envelops a facade area of 400 sqm of the new Rieder headquarters in the texture slate and the color pine green, reminiscent of slate slabs. 50 percent of the cement in the concrete matrix was replaced by alternative materials, resulting in a CO2 reduction of 30 percent. From March 2023 the products concrete skin, öko skin and formparts are available with the cement-reduced matrix 3.0 in selected colours. The plan is to convert the entire product range to a cement-free material by 2027. The plan is to fully substitute the cement step by step. “We don’t just want to talk; for the ecological transition to succeed doing is important,” says Wolfgang Rieder, reaffirming the course his company has been pursuing for several years. This makes Rieder the first manufacturer of low-CO2 concrete facade panels. Cement-free concrete is just one piece of the puzzle in a company philosophy focused on overall sustainability.

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