Rendering to realization

The facade specialists at Rieder and their established network support architects and planners in all project steps, from the early planning phase to the implementation. R2R – “Render to Realization” – describes Rieder’s integrative approach for developing a holistic solution for building envelopes and includes optional services.

Design development and facade optimization

        • Converting the idea into a feasible facade
  • Matching the design with production technology
        • Consultation on technical possibilities
    • Joint development of the facade solution


        • Transfer of the design and smoothing with 3D model
      • Fragmentation of the building envelope into flat and formed elements
      • Optimization of the facade division
      • Matching with production parameters
    • Calculation basis for economical implementation

Static calculation

      • 3D calculation of elementary statics with finite element method (FEM)
        • Static measurement of the element at any point
      • Determination of the true need for fastening points, distance of the substructure, etc.
    • Requirements for primary element substructure

Fastening method

      • Development of the element substructure from static calculations
    • Calculation of the connections to the substructure of the building
    • Simulation of the assembly steps

Mock-ups & prototyping

      • Transfer of existing concepts into practice
      • Visual mock-up for evaluation of the visual expectations for the architectural performance
      • Mock-up for technical testing, simulation of weathering, wind loads, etc.
    • Optimization and release

Industrial manufacture

      • Generation of the production data from 3D models
      • Digital data integration through computer-controlled processes
    • Formwork construction and production of facade elements

Element substructure

    • Production of the primary substructure as an optional range of services


      • Creation of assembly drawings and instructions for each element type
    • Weather-independent installation of the element substructure in the facade element at the factory or in the field factory on site as an optional range of services

Logistics service

    • Development of the optimum assembly order and sequence
    • Track & trace: Barcode and scan technology for unambiguous identification of each component within the production process, the supply chain, and on the construction site

Customized packaging

    • Safe storage and delivery on polystyrene moulds (recyclable)

Quality assurance

    • Quality standards ISO 9001 and 14001
    • High degree of prefabrication under constant production conditions
    • Consistent quality through extrusion process with computer controlled systems
    • 3D scan for verifying the radii and angles, continuous color measurements, visual inspections, etc.

Supervision and assembly on site

    • Consulting, training, education, and supervision on site
    • On-site assembly by local installers

The Rieder Group operates internationally and offers customers a large network. With 3 locations, as well as sales partners in over 50 countries, the innovative concrete products are used worldwide.

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