Seminar room HTWG Constance

Constance, Germany

Architects Glück + Partner and Schädler + Zwerger planned an additional building on the banks of the Seerhein for the University of Technology, Business and Design Constance. Simple and clear architectural elements dominate the reduced-area floor plan, the focus of which is on the large entrance hall and the central light shaft.

The shell of the building was designed as a strip-structured facade. The suspended concrete skin panels made of glassfiber reinforced concrete reflect the surface and appearance of the exposed concrete of the neighbouring building and create a harmonious connection. The horizontal strips extend across the facade in a light-dark contrast, which creates an exciting visual effect. Individual highlights are yielded through the play of light and shadow.

Photos: Ditz Fejer

Product concrete skin
Scope 1.500 m²
Color off-white, chrome
Surface ferro
Architect Glück + Partner Architekten, Schädler & Zwerger Architekten
Builder Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg - Amt Konstanz
Host Dach + Wandsysteme Montage GmbH
Year 2017
Location show

The Rieder Group operates internationally and offers customers a large network. With 3 locations, as well as sales partners in over 50 countries, the innovative concrete products are used worldwide.

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