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The Rieder facade elements are ideally suited for school construction

Functionality before creativity? Not for the design of the building envelope of the new Johan Skytteskolan primary school complex in Stockholm. Architectural ambition, artistic creativity and high technical standards, always key in school construction: the modern building in the Swedish capital has it all. The facade with concrete skin glassfibre reinforced concrete elements in natural shades, designed as creative clapboard, succeeds in serenely combining all these aspects.

The architect Anna Curtius and the artist Maria Friberg lend the facade of the new Johan Skytteskolan primary school in the Stockholm district of Älvsjö a very special expressive power. In addition to the clapboard with concrete skin panels from Rieder in the colors sandstone, sahara and liquid black, the school facade is also adorned by a giant work of art. An exciting interplay between modern architecture and contemporary art gives 630 pupils the space to flourish. The sandy nuances of the facade were inspired by the special look of natural stone and nature’s pristine charm. The colour scheme of the new pietra collection was inspired by warm and calm Mediterranean shades.

Now and in the future

Maria Friberg’s artistic design for Johan Skytteskolan in Älvsjö is a poetic representation of the dynamic between the group and the individual, between the “now” and the “future”. There is of course always an unyielding focus on sustainability and the future in the birthplace of the Fridays for Future movement. The 13 mm thick facade made of glassfibre reinforced concrete means that the building envelope meets high standards for school buildings in terms of fire protection, durability and low maintenance. The building is also constructed with durability and therefore sustainability in mind. The panels made of glassfibre reinforced concrete are impact-resistant, which makes them suitable for sports grounds and school playgrounds.

The panels come in a variety of colors, textures and surface finishes, thus offering numerous possibilities for the creative use of color, structure and form. The malleability of the panels allows them to be smoothly shaped around corners and edges. The concrete skin facade cladding is designed as rear-ventilated curtain facades and can be used for almost any type of building.

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