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Rieder is investing over 20 million euros in a sustainable company campus in Maishofen, Austria, thus paving the way for a global future.

With the successful sale of the infrastructure division to the Leube Group, the leasing of the old company premises and the focus on the architecture division, Rieder was able to pave the way for a global and even more eco-friendly future. Step by step, the company has been working on restructuring in recent years to be able to continue to operate successfully on the global market. Over 20 million euros are being invested in a sustainable company campus in Maishofen. glemm21, the new company headquarters with a modern working environment, was developed in cooperation with Vitra. For this purpose, communication channels, spatial relations and many other requirements were analysed. This resulted in an overall concept for flexible work zones, spaces for focused individual work, creative work, group coordination, meeting rooms, informal spaces and much more.

With the renovation of an existing building Rieder set a good example in terms of sustainable construction. Not only is the old building being preserved to save grey energy, many materials from old buildings and halls are being reused, too, including floor coverings, wall coverings and furniture. A T-beam from 1958 was also recycled and reused. At the Rieder campus in Maishofen, offices are being built for the Rieder facades team, as well as a separate sample hall, a showroom and a laboratory. To expand production capacities, a new hall as a wood and concrete hybrid construction is being built. A modern campus with lots of green spaces, an integrated e-mobility concept and a vibrant manufacturing facility with workshop where customer-specific samples and mock-ups are produced provide fertile ground for future-oriented innovations. 

Green new Deal

With a focus on sustainable and innovative concrete facade solutions, Rieder paves the way for its worldwide expansion. In addition to its main site in Maishofen, the company already has production sites in Germany (Kolbermoor, Bavaria) and in the US (Ladysmith, Wisconsin). When Rieder entered the architectural sector and started the manufacture of novel facade products more than 15 years ago, the company decided to do this in the most eco-friendly and future-oriented way possible. The continuous development of its products, production methods and range of services have quickly made the company a worldwide success. Through sustainability and actively contributing to climate reversal, Rieder owner Wolfgang Rieder is pushing ahead with the greening of the company: “Our central goal is to be CO2-neutral by 2025. We want to have a positive CO2 balance by 2030.” To this end, the company is currently working on the development of a cement-reduced and subsequently cement-free concrete, among other things.

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