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On 11 October at 11 am EDT, we will be hosting our "Sustainable Facade Solutions" webinar in partnership with Architectural Records.

The live webinar will discuss the advantages of glassfibre reinforced concrete and rainscreen claddings. A variety of design options and individual solutions will be presented, as will a number of product variants. Another focus will be on sustainability and how Rieder’s facades can make an important contribution to the energy revolution. Special focus will be placed on the first CO 2-reduced concrete matrix. Here, 50 percent of the cement in the concrete matrix was replaced by natural and local pozzolana, resulting in a CO2 reduction of 30 percent. Another highlight is the pixel product, which was developed with the zero waste strategy in mind. It reduces waste in the production of facade elements. Due to their small size, the concrete shingles open up entirely new design options.

We look forward to many participants and exciting discussions.


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