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We are looking forward to two exciting events at the NEXT Studio in Frankfurt: The 2nd "NEXT Façade Session" will take place on November 12th. Furthermore we invite you to the event "NEXT Generation Buildings" on November 13th.

Noise is the second-highest health risk globally according to WHO. In architecture the question is therefore how facade design influences noise levels and whether acoustically designed facades can significantly reduce noise. Important considerations here are not only materials and geometry of the building envelope, but also the building shape and the position of the different parts of the building to one another. The “NEXT Façade Session” is a small public series of discussions in which these questions are explored in a qualified and dedicated circle.

The event “NEXT Generation Buildings” will focus on sustainability.  How can climate protection and resource conservation be systematically and economically integrated into the planning of real estates?

We are looking forward to your visit!

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