Radiotherapy Centre Artur GIE

Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

The “Centre Hospitalier Emile Mayrisch” hospital and the “Francois Baclesse Centre” for national radiotherapy needed more space. The new building combines both areas in one building. The joint extension connects links to the existing complex and blends harmoniously into the overall picture. The new area houses an emergency room, operating theatres, two additional bunkers for radiation therapy, treatment rooms and much more. The building was given a more open and functional design, and the concrete skin facade underlines this new look.

The different colours are designed to have a positive effect on the overall mood: green stands for respect for people and for sustainability. The emergency room is blue, a colour said to have a calming and confidence-building effect. Yellow was used for the day clinic to exude optimism and friendliness.

Photos: Rasmus Norlander

Product concrete skin
Scope 1.300 m²
Colour special
Surface matt
Fixation Undercut
Architect Architekt Jim Clemes sa
Year 2010
Location show

The Rieder Group operates internationally and offers customers a large network. With 3 locations, as well as sales partners in over 50 countries, the innovative concrete products are used worldwide.

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