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Rieder is a member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).

One of the central challenges facing the construction industry is to conserve resources and to promote climate protection. Environmental protection is an integral part of Rieder’s corporate policy. “As an entrepreneur, I feel responsible for our environment – for its protection as well as for how it is shaped,” says Wolfgang Rieder, who aims to be solution-oriented and not to pass on his responsibility to others. The company joined the DGNB because it believes in these principles. It stands for demonstrably good buildings, districts worth living in and an environment built for the future. Its aim is to create awareness in the construction industry and transform it towards responsible and sustainable action. With the DGNB at its side, Rieder can take the next steps in environmental protection.

Rieder combines functionality, aesthetics and intelligence on the facade and looks to make an active contribution to the energy transition through continuous research and development of products and production processes. In the future, environmental and resource-saving construction must be further promoted and brought into focus.

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