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With the goal of safeguarding the future of the company and of ensuring the preservation of the world for future generations, Rieder takes comprehensive steps to accelerate the greening of the company.

Each year, Rieder sets environmental, economic and product-specific goals that the entire team works hard to achieve. In 2022, a key driver for the company is the greening of operations and products. Rieder’s aim is for its production and general operations to be CO2-neutral by 2025. This is achieved by making substitutions and making processes more efficient as well as by offsetting measures.

Green Initiative #1: greencrete (substitution)
Rieder is currently working on the development of a cement-reduced and later a cement-free concrete matrix. In spring  2022, the first result will be seen with a slate texture on the facade of the new glemm21 headquarters in Maishofen in the colour pine green. This makes the company the first facade manufacturer to use a CO2-reduced concrete matrix.

Green Initiative #2: öko skin pixel (more efficient processes)
Rieder developed a new product, the öko skin pixel, that reduces waste during production. Because of its granularity, it has a different aesthetic – it does not come across as perfect. We are planning to develop a digital tool in cooperation with a partner. The software will take account of the amount of waste and generate project-specific design options for building envelopes. The facade manufacturer is also working on an optimised closed loop system, which means Rieder takes the products back and feeds them into the production cycle.

Green Initiative #3: planting trees (offsetting)
As part of its offsetting measures, 50,000 trees have already been planted in Canada to bind CO2. The aim is to have planted half a million trees by 2025. CEO Wolfgang Rieder chose old tree varieties and grows them together with local partners. These varieties are not only more resilient, they also bind more CO2.


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