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Concrete dialogue: At the TRIO in Bern, concrete facades in many different forms - regarding load-bearing and design - play the starring roles. And formparts from Rieder are the flexible all-rounder.

The visionary TRIO project is located in the modern Wankdorf City district in the Swiss city of Bern. A three-part building complex was created for a newly conceived space for living, shopping, working and overnight accommodation. An architectural concept by GWJ Architects for contemporary lifestyles: A not-too-big but delightful living space that’s straightforward and cosmopolitan, communicative in an analog setting and well-designed as well as interested in the colourful world we live in. In keeping with this lifestyle concept, formparts from Rieder were used on the trendy Moxy Hotel. The front facade made of glassfibre reinforced concrete serves as a connecting element to buildings I and II with load-bearing concrete structures as the outer shell. The length of the formparts is particularly impressive. The longest formed part ever produced at Rieder, with almost 5 metres in length, was installed here.

Made for a new generation

In the case of the Wankdorf City project, an exciting connection is created between the conditions on site, the visions of the investors and project managers, the design ideas of the architects and the formparts by Rieder that are deployed there. Creating a concept for modern living with the future in mind – that’s what Rieder and the Wankdorf City project have in common. Foresight, sustainability and durability, coupled with a sense for what people really want, the courage to try something new and to create something that is aesthetically and technically sophisticated yet straightforward – that’s what Rieder is all about. The motivation to think in the long term and yet always with the hand on the pulse of time delivers flexible and, above all, sustainable solutions made of concrete.

Custom-made and flexible glassfibre reinforced concrete

Rieder formparts measuring 5 metres in length were used on the TRIO hotel building. The facade made of fibreC is visually similar to the concrete facade of the other two complexes. “Rather than being introverted, the hotel was to appear as communicative as possible structurally in order to create a dialogue with the other buildings. The three buildings created by the GWJ / ASTOC planning consortium stand out due to their stringent facade design with prefabricated concrete elements. Even though the facade of the hotel building is not load-bearing, we wanted to use a similar materiality here as well. Due to the weight, the available space and the possible surfaces, we decided to use concrete formed parts” explains project manager Maurizio Chirico from GWJ.

For the contrasting lattice structure of the hotel facade, 1,963 pieces of formparts in silvergrey from Rieder were used. The longest form part ever produced in the company’s history with a length of almost 5 metres is particularly noteworthy. The 4.99-metre long U-part creates a monolithic appearance and at the same time symbolises the flexibility, stability and practicability that characterise Rieder’s facade range.

Formed parts from Rieder – a straightforward solution

Due to their low weight and large span widths, the curved elements require less supporting structure than comparable products made of concrete. With Rieder facade products, characteristic surface appearance of the concrete regarding colour, surface finish and texture can be customised. This brings not only technical advantages, but also design benefits, which also impressed the GWJ Architects working on the TRIO project. A wide range of shapes and colours, as well as flexibility in the realisation of concrete architectural concepts, make Rieder a popular partner for the implementation of the most diverse designs for modern buildings with concrete facades made. In addition to durability, low maintenance and complete fire resistance, Rieder products also impress when it comes to eco-friendly: Non-toxic products (free of crystalline silicon dioxide) and minimal use of primary energy in production, to name just a few.

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