noise control

Highly absorbing platform edge

In addition to solutions for open-land routes, Rieder also offers noise control for railway stations. The highly absorbing platform edges absorb the sound directly at the noise source. The absorbers integrated in the platform edge provide noise control even in confined spaces.

Wall panelling

The individual absorber bodies can be attached directly to existing walls, e.g., on local concrete walls. As a result, absorbers are particularly suited for the wall panelling for underpass railway lines, underground car park entrances and tunnel entrances, where a concentration of the sound occurs as a result of multiple reflections.

Add-on element

Add-on elements achieve an improved shielding effect by changing the bending angle at the upper end of the wall. As a result, the height of a noise barrier can be reduced by 0.5 – 1.5 m, depending on local conditions, or additional sound reduction can be achieved at the same height.

Small arc

Due to the shape of the arc, the bending edge is closer to, or above, the noise source. This allows for better sound shielding to be achieved. The default bend radius of the small arc is one meter. Using individual bend radii and wall heights, maximum noise control and economy can be achieved, depending on the sound engineering requirements.

Guide wall with add-on

The combination of concrete guide walls with noise control add-ons provides a flexible and space-saving noise control system. Since the guide walls offer protection from noise in addition to their restraint function, no additional space is required for additional noise protection measures. They are also suited as mobile noise control during construction site phases.

Special solutions

Rieder noise barriers are available in various special designs. In addition to integrated support panels, niche designs, trapezoidal or special shapes, window elements and integrated doors, they also include larger lengths of up to 20 m.

Backside design

There are a wide range of options for the design of the backside of noise barriers. In addition to a rough concrete or planted design, the backside can also be designed with different colours, absorbers, structures, wood, or gabions.

Highly absorbing support wall

Plantable support walls are a good alternative to angled support walls. Their open structure provides excellent sound absorption. If necessary, additional noise absorbers with a highly absorbing surface may be used.

The Rieder Group operates internationally and offers customers a large network. With 4 locations, as well as sales partners in over 50 countries, the innovative concrete products are used worldwide.

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