formparts made of fibreC glassfibre reinforced concrete are monolithic concrete slats which offer a high degree of flexibility and various design options for innovative building envelopes. The formed concrete elements with an optimised fastening system enhance glass facades and serve as a refined visual and sun protection.

Shapes round/sharp Mounting Colours Solutions
  • Shapes

    The formed elements are tailor-made as a single piece and are available with L- or U-cross section, as a round arch, and as special shapes with a length of up to 5 meters.

  • Economical

    Due to the low weight of the formparts and their large spans, less substructure is required. They provide an economical solution for the building envelope.

  • Pre-assembly

    The pre-assembly in the factory, independent of weather conditions, ensures a high quality standard and quick assembly on site. The elements are simply mounted and then finetuned.

  • Concrete is alive

    Glassfibre reinforced concrete is a natural material. Its raw materials that originate from nature create a special, concrete-like surface.

  • Fire protection

    Fire resistance with fire protection class A1 "non-combustible" according to DIN 4102.

  • Sustainable

    With its ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, Rieder sets itself high standards for environmental protection. The environmental product declaration, EPD, gives precise indicators for the life cycle assessment.


    • Only 13 mm thin
    • Up to 5 meters long
    • Development width max. 2000 mm
    • Various cross-sections


The delicate-looking yet robust custom-made elements are assembled according to requirements and create a smooth facade appearance. formparts22 are available with a sharp as well as a rounded edge. Various surfaces and textures are available, which can be individually combined with each other. The large unwinding width means that several different formed parts can be combined with each other.  Due to their low weight and large span widths, formparts are perfect for facades with challenging geometries. Pre-assembly in the factory, independent of weather conditions, guarantees a high-quality standard and rapid assembly on site.

formparts overview (PDF)

plug & play - new mounting system

The jointed formed parts are connected using different mounting brackets depending on size. As a system supplier, Rieder provides coordinated components, resulting in an integrated solution from a single source. The simple anchorage system allows on-site adjustment, high fitting accuracy and concealed mounting. The mounting options are compatible with all standard supporting structures and are a time-saving, economical and sustainable alternative. For the mounting of formparts. Rieder offers a library of standard details with typical vertical and horizontal sections as well as details for fire barriers, connections for glass facades, shutter boxes, ceiling cladding, roof connections and column cladding. Based on project experience, a large collection of prepared special solutions for mounting on a wide variety of building and facade types is also available.

plug & play Video


The authentic colours blend well into landscapes and correspond with nature and the environment. Colour variations within a colour tone are intended and enhance the liveliness of the building material, concrete. formparts.mono are available in the surfaces ferro and ferro light; the formparts.fab are also available with a matt surface. They can be easily combined with concrete skin.

Colour collection


Colour collection greyscale

polar white ferro
polar white ferro light
polar white matt
off-white ferro
off-white ferro light
off-white matt
ivory ferro
ivory ferro light
ivory matt
silvergrey ferro
silvergrey ferro light
silvergrey matt
chrome ferro
chrome ferro light
chrome matt
anthracite ferro
anthracite ferro light
anthracite matt
liquid black ferro
liquid black ferro light
liquid black matt

Colour collection pietra

cotton ferro
cotton ferro light
cotton matt
vanilla ferro
vanilla ferro light
vanilla matt
sahara ferro
sahara ferro light
sahara matt
sandstone ferro
sandstone ferro light
sandstone matt
almond ferro
almond ferro light
almond matt

Colour collection bricky

coralline ferro
coralline ferro light
coralline matt
terracotta ferro
terracotta ferro light
terracotta matt
oxide red ferro
oxide red ferro light
oxide red matt
burgundy ferro
burgundy ferro light
burgundy matt
merlot ferro
merlot ferro light
merlot matt

Colour collection timber

larch ferro
larch ferro light
larch matt
oak ferro
oak ferro light
oak matt
walnut ferro
walnut ferro light
walnut matt
ebony ferro
ebony ferro light
ebony matt
terra ferro
terra ferro light
terra matt


R2R – “Rendering to Realisation” – includes optional services, such as design development, facade optimisation, static calculations, fastening methods, mock-ups and prototyping, element substructures, pre-assembly, and logistics concepts.

Solutions for building envelopes


fins are formparts with a U-shaped cross-section in a 70 x 70 mm format. They are used as slender concrete slabs for facades to serve as permanent visual and sun protection for large window areas.

fins also create creative design accents on the building envelope. Due to the geometrical shape of the fins, the daylight creates special light effects in the interior.

Standard formats

70 x 70 x 1800 mm
70 x 70 x 3600 mm

The Rieder Group operates internationally and offers customers a large network. With 3 locations, as well as sales partners in over 50 countries, the innovative concrete products are used worldwide.

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