Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

EPD environmental certificate for Rieder glassfibre concrete

Rieder’s sustainable facade products made ​​from glasfibre reinforced concrete were awarded the Environmental Product Declaration EPD.

Environmental Product Declarations offer verifiable, internationally valid information on the environmental impact of a product in accordance with ISO 14025 standards. For the voluntary testing Rieder revealed the entire life cycle of its products: from raw materials and production to processing and recycling. The data was systematically collected and categorized according to internationally recognized ratios. The sustainability ratios give a picture of the primary energy consumption and environmental impact, such as the greenhouse effect, acidification or eutrophication. For architects and builders the EPD serves as an ideal basis for material and product comparison.

The independent testing confirms again the quality and sustainability of Rieder facade products. The awarding of the EPD certificate took place during the annual EPD meeting in Vienna.