The world's greenest facade panel

The global industries, transport and private households emit five times more carbone dioxide than the maximum value which could be absoberd by the athmosphere. Therefore we feel obliged to act and set ourselves beyond laws and regulations a challenging target. By 2011 the primary energy consumption for producing one m² fibreC shall be reduced by 80%.

The use of high-grade raw materials consisting of purely mineral substances and glassfibres guarantees optimum product quality. Due to our commitment to environmental protection, the amount of re-used materials is increasing.

As fibreC is based on purely organic substances, as opposed to most other products available on the market, the material can be completely recycled. Moreover, economic efficiency and sustainability are further enhanced by the low use of resources. Our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility towards our environment are also confirmed by our international environmental management certificate ISO 14001.

We set ourselves high standards in environmental protection and use innovative technologies with ecological responsibility. fibreC is an authentic material in line with the current trend towards natural, environmentally-friendly, sustainable and cost-efficient materials that achieve an aesthetically appealing and modern effect.