Concrete with character 

Concrete is a natural product and Rieder sees it as such, with all its vital signs and characteristics. Only natural raw materials are used for the production of fibreC to ensure the authenticity of this sustainable product. Lively surfaces with an interplay of colour shades and light cloud effects, rather than dead and clinical surfaces are characteristic of fibreC and appeal to our senses. The structure of fibreC, which is typical for concrete, gives the material an unmistakable, honest character.  

fibreC speaks many languages. Facades with a stunning and lively play of colours are achieved by using the same colour in different textures. Special colours, perforations, individual forms and three-dimensional elements offer planners ample scope for creativity. Depending on the architect‘s preferences, fibreC facades can remain discretetly in the background or add additional strength and contour to a building.   

fibreC glassfibre-reinforced concrete can be used for facades, interior and special applications


fibreC colour chart 





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fibreC Colour Chart