Cultural Mission As Corporate Ideology

Part of the cultural mission of Rieder is to support designers, artists and architects in their creative endeavours. It fires our inspiration when designers and artists work together with us and our material – fibreC. Through the creative input and the solutions which we develop together with architects and artists, our façade product is also optimized.

The close contact  with artists, architects  and designers helps to shape the corporate culture of Rieder. The beautiful, discursive creations lend expression to depth, identity and meaning. This is how the Rieder Group sees the relationship of its glassfibre concrete to the things created with it. It is not solely a part of the company’s strategy, when it pursues initiatives such as promoting young talents on the architectural scene, like the students at higher education institutes training as architects - e.g. the Vienna University of Technology or the AA School in London - or such as cooperating with established artists like Peter Sandbichler, Kurt Hofstetter, Franz West or Kram/Weisshaar. The constant ongoing development of fibreC and the diversity of products from the Rieder Group, in parallel with the transfer of expertise between designers and the company - all this helps Rieder to position fibreC  glassfibre-concrete, not only as a classic façade; above all, it helps to make the design character of the material truly stand out. This commitment reflects the relationship which Rieder embarks upon, in all its cultural and design projects as an internationally active enterprise: artists bring their creativity, flexibility and their sometimes abstract, analytical thinking into the company’s in-house development department. Counterbalancing this, Rieder presents the artists with the opportunity to let their imagination take them wherever it wishes to.